Play, Learn, fight back AnxietY

Play project’s objective is to design and develop a 3D virtual world using the potential of a gamification-based approach in which university students will anonymously engage in activities that will help them be better prepared for University curricular activities and ultimately help them reduce anxiety while simultaneously monitor their mental health

PLAY Game Scenarios

After two years of work, the PLAY project is coming to an end. During this period, we built a strong relationship with most of you, …
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Piloting days of the PLAY 3DVW

The PLAY project aims to help university students gain skills and strategies for overcoming anxiety. Players can choose from a collection of 10 scenarios, each …
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PLAY 3DVW scenarios story

In the PLAY 3DVW, the players encounter numerous NPCs (Non-player characters). They are usually either students or coaches. The story of the game revolves around …
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