Download and setup instructions

Here are the basic steps to install and configure the Firestorm Viewer application to access the PLAY virtual world.

Step 1:

Download the installation manual here. The manual contains a video with the basic installation instructions which you can also see here:

Step 2:

Install Firestorm Viewer according to the instructions and video. You can download it from here.

Step 3:

Configure Firestorm Viewer by following the instructions on the video or manual and by copying and pasting the following link into the application:

Step 4:

Create your account and login to the virtual world.

If you wish to keep your anonymity in the virtual world do not use your real name and do not enter an email when creating an account.

Step 5:

Download the consent form here. Then sign it and send it to this email:

You are ready! After you have completed your tour in the virtual world do not forget to answer a short questionnaire about your experience.